Plant List
Utilising best practices, integrated systems and latest technology

Plant List

- Injection moulding machines from 30T to 300T

- Comprehensive associated auxiliary equipment

- 100% in process checking

- Laser barcode application

- Pressure testing

- Electrical testing

- Flow testing

- Linear vibration welding

- Spin welding

- Hot plate welding

- Ultrasonic welding

- Microtone testing

- 3D CAD

- Mouldflow analysis

- Laser welding

- Project Management for complete cell design, fabrication and instillation

Cameron-Price distinguishes itself on its innovative approach to our customers design, manufacturing or production issues.

By employing our knowledge and experience we are able to provide total solutions to customers requirements. We look for design and material alternatives that will enhance the product and often provide more cost effective solutions.

We can offer design and prototyping facilities and can assist with research, testing, analysis and evaluation of concept designs.