Welcome to Cameron-Price

Cameron-Price is recognised as a leading injection moulding and assembly/test company. Working predominantly in the automotive sector, Cameron-Price is renowned for its flexibility, quality and innovation.

Company Strengths

Cameron-Price distinguishes itself on its innovative approach to our customers design, manufacturing or production issues. By employing our knowledge and experience we are able to provide total solutions to customers requirements. We look for design and material alternatives that will enhance the product and often provide more cost effective solutions.
We can offer design and prototyping facilities and can assist with research, testing, analysis and evaluation of concept designs.
We control every stage of the process from initial enquiries and then to solutions into build, over the years the systems and procedures we have set up internally allow us to adapt and respond in times that our competitors find hard to match. This has given Cameron-Price an enviable reputation within the manufacturing industry.
We have an In-built philosophy of Continuous Improvement that is evident within every aspect of the organization. Most organizations are very lean now, so our futures depend on providing greater value within the services and products we offer. To this extend Cameron-Price are leading the way in the industry.